Home Security PC [hspc?] - Help Wanted!

I have been thinking of building a home security PC...

Wondering if any of you have done this before and what your trials have taught you.

My goals would be as follows.

1. Live Web/Android access
2. 4 cameras : Outdoor, Cold Weather, Night Vision, High Resolution, Wireless?
3. Motion sensor recording
4. Cloud Storage
5. ?? What am I missing here??

Also, I have been planning to build a HTPC soon and decided that I would like to incorporate these into one system if possible.

I would still like to retain the small form factor of a htpc, but it seems that I may just need to add a discreet GPU to the system so that wouldn't be an issue.

Plan to purchase ASAP

Prefer Newegg, TigerDirect or NCIX

Budget is as much as is required to build a system that will perform quietly, efficiently & reliably with longevity.

Prefer Intel Processors

Looking to use SSD, Fanless PSU & a case that looks like a piece of media/stereo equiptment

Thanks for your input.
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  1. Ill be posting some initial ideas in a few... think about it.
  2. im struggling here... it seems that with the dvr/bnc cards that I can find it requires the security system to be the only thing running on the system for them to function. My thought would be to use VMWare and set up only the security software one one vm. ANYBODY???
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