Nvidia 560M 3GB vs 570M 1.5GB for dual monitor?

I just want a dual montor desktop situation, in which I will have many productivity programs running at once. (3ds max, photoshop;)

I have heard that more ram makes a difference in multi monitor setups, so would the Nvidia 560M be better here or should I just go with the better all around 570M?
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  1. For just a dual monitor setup, not running games, any low range gaming video card will run things fine, although for what you are running, you want to get a Quadro card. 3DMax and Phtoshop at once will tax your CPU and RAM more than the video card, and you really want a Quadro for specific features they have for those programs.
  2. That's unfortunately not an option for me... I can really only consider these two cards. Thanks for the info though.
  3. Any more thoughts?
  4. Get the fastest card with the most RAM you can, same for CPU and system RAM. Those programs will use all you can get them, and running at the same time, you'll need it.
  5. I know. The 570M is the faster card, while the 560M has double the ram. (3GB vs 1.5GB). But l have read that ram is more important in multi monitor situations. I need to know whether to sacrifice ram for speed. I do game often, but I may have 2+ monitors (although I will only use one for gaming).
  6. No mobile video card has 3 gig of RAM, it probably includes the shared ram with the system. I'd go with the the faster card. High-end desktop video cards have 1 gig of RAM, some have 2 although that's not needed n any game now. So 1.5 or 3 gig of RAM on a laptop card is just marketing.
  7. Definately go for the 570M, the faster the better
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