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Hope its correct category. Today when I heard my pc starting up whit some high pitched sound, which happens until I restart it, so I decided to try and fix it. Plugged all out and back in, started pc but the monitor didn't received any signal. (Almost normal when I tinker around.)

But 5 hours of plugging and testing didnt helped as signal wasnt coming. I tested the integrated graphic and it didnt worked either. My ram went crazy more then usual. (thre beeps) other monitor with different cable didnt worked either.

I am wondering where could the problem lie? It happened before but I usually fixed it in 3 hours tops. All worked normal the previous run of course. I took out cmos battery after I read couple of similar problems, but still all the same. Which cables do I need to focus on to replug until it works?

I suspect bad motherboard? Since I had all those problems before. (its Intel)
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  1. i used to have those problems you described with amd low end boards, everytime i tinker it will give me hell to boot for a while, since i moved to intel, those probs have totally disappeared, i can tinker as much as i want and it always posts, the only exception is when im using memory modules with different timings

    so that can be your first try, use the modules in the first slot one by one
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