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I've been having issues with random restarts, ive ran memtest no errors replaced power supply, and i've found that when i have ram in slot b1 and push on it while computer is on it restarts, none of the other slots do it just slot b1, do i need to replace my mother board?
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    Sounds to me like you may have dirt in the socket or on the ram contact areas. Or, worst case scenario is the soldiering on the pins of the socket is going bad.

    Check for dirt/dust, and look underneath the mobo at the pins sticking out from the socket. Make sure the solder is all there and neat, simular to the other sockets. Also look at the plastic on the socket itself, compare it to the other ones. Even a small itty bitty piece has broken off could cause problems.

    If you have a reputable electronics repair shop around you could have it repaired, it could be cheap, or expensive.
  2. Also, swap the RAM chips around, make sure that it is indeed that socket and not the RAM module itself.
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