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Hello everyone . . .

Ive been searching the net all day, im not to sure if anyone can help me.

Ive been to pc world and all they said is shop around i should be able to find something, not very helpful at all.


I currently have an Acer Aspire X3960 . . .;subnav

And well, id like to play Eve online but the graphics are god awful. There is a slot for a card but it would be a very tight squeeze, its 220w and low profile.

I have no idea where to begin. thanks guys. :-)
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  1. No way you're getting any kind of card in on 220W. Is it a standard ATX power supply? If so, you can just drop in a good one.
    How much are you willing to spend? That CPU's actually quite decent, so you could get a decent graphics card to go with it.
  2. Im not sure what an ATX power supply is sorry. I have around £70 budget for a card.

    thanks for the reply :-)
    Check out the picture and your PSU, and also see if yours says ATX on the side.
  4. At best, I would install the Radeon HD 6570 for a 220w PSU.
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