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SLI GTX580 DVI to Display

Hi just received my new rig and was wondering. I have x2 GTX580 3G in SLI that will be going to a single monitor. Does it matter which DVI slot I plug into? I figured top card. Each card has DVI x2. Any advise would be great. Thank you in advance.

i7-3930K (O/C 4.0GHz)
16GB Kingston Hyper-X (quad channel 1600MHz)
x2 GTX580 3GB SLI
ASUS Rampage IV
1200w Silverstone ST1200
120GB Corsair Force Series SSD
650GB Western Digital VelociRaptor (10K RPM)
WIN 7 64bit
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  1. Ok in a nutshell. Do I hook up my DVI cable to the top video card or does it make a difference? Thanks.
  2. Top card.

    I must ask, why did you get a pair of GTX 580's (3GB versions no less) for a single screen? Is it 2560x1600?
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    I've always used the top cards top DVI port, and don't bump your threads.
  4. @ striker...well cause I like the word "overkill" :P

    @mousemonkey thank u!! Ants in my pants to hook this up, will keep the "no bump" policy in mind for future posts. Thanks for the reply.
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  6. Thank you v.much, on both counts. ;)
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