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GPU and Motherboard Compatability

Hey guys, thanks in advance, but could you possibly tell me if my old Nvidia GeForce 7300LE GPU will be compatible with the ASUS M5A97 EVO AM3+ AMD motherboard?

Trying to save a few bucks on this build, seeing if i could make it until a later date when i am able to fork out some bucks for a decent newer GPU.

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    Yes, yes it is! According to it is a PCI-E x16 card meaning that it is indeed compatible. Don't expect to game on it though xD Youtube might even give you trouble! Haha.
  2. lol Im currently using it on a Dell xps 400 desktop, dual monitors, massive tweaking involved lol...not an ideal setup at all, but ive had the system since 2006...I would say that it's time for a new pc. Ive chosen the ASUS M5A99x instead tho, so the card should also work on this board? and one other quick question, will the card also be compatible with the AMD fx series processors (6100 six core specifically)? The processor selection may not make a difference concerning the compatability with the Nvidia 7300LE but this is something Im trying to research.

    Thansks again lol
  3. Processor has nothing to do with GPU generally. GPU's are usually just plug and play. Yup, it'll work!
  4. Again Thanks :) off to order from newegg!
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