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Graphic Card for BF3 1920x1200 Ultra Max AA

Hi everyone,

I want to build a new desktop to run BF3 all maxed out on the Dell U2410 IPS monitor.
Graphic card budget = $900

What setup do you recommend without it being complete overkill?

Thanks & regards,
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  1. $900 for graphics or the whole build?
  2. If you want to max out BF3 on Ultra on a high res without being overkill you will best to get a HD 6970, GTX 580. You could go with a GTX 590 or HD6990 if you really wanted to , but are they really worth it?
  3. wiinippongamer said:
    $900 for graphics or the whole build?

    $2,000 for the entire system except SSD & HDD.
    Thus max of $900 for graphics, if SLI is really required.
  4. In that price range for SLI you could go for 2 GTX 570 in SLI for less than 900 and your performance for BF3 will be excellent
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    Well, you could wait for the new 7xxx series that's coming out pretty soon and buy one of those, probably a 7970. Or, you could do what monsta suggested and SLI two 570's. OR, you could get a 6990 and have some money left over. OR, you could get a 580/6970. Pretty much anything that is 6950 and better will be perfect for what you want.
  6. +2 on the waiting for the HD7000's part, they look like they could be monsters on paper, and it'll also bring current gen prices down.
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  8. My 5850s can run it at 1080p on Ultra (except 2xMSAA instead of 4x because it causes a weird CF issue where 1 gpu usage drops)

    So, SLI 560Ti, CF 6870, etc up to a single 580 or 6970 would be fine. The 7970 of course is also a beast and will do the trick when it's available in stores.
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