I5 vs i7

Hi all guys..

i'm about to buy a new pc.... for work (video mounting)

I spent all my budget thinking about a i5 2500k 3.30 with an Asrock Z68...

but i was wondering if the i5 is obsolete... and so spending more money (that i've not :D ) to buy a i7...

i need to understand if the i7 is so much more powerful than i5 to sacrifice suffering other money :sarcastic:

help me!

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  1. The i5 is not obsolete, it is very much current.

    If you are suffering money, then the i5 is plenty good for most things, the i7 is not necessary. The i7 is only necessary for the most demanding tasks.
  2. thanks so much... doin video mounting i was worried about it... and i was wondering if this hyperthreading worth the price.....
  3. for rendering purposes you will see a increase in speed with the i7 due to the hyper threading, but nothing to be too overly worried about. i5 is plenty fast for what you are looking to use it for.
  4. Sandy Bridge i5 performs almost the same as i7...though, it lacks hyperthreading, it still holds much of power than you may think of :) you may wanna consider Ivy Bridge CPUs
  5. uhm......


    video creation are basically the same

    ps. why Ivy Bridge?
  6. if your work or tasks are that demanding i7 would be the choice. if not, there are plenty of rooms you can get from i5, plus it's cheaper. or get the i5 3570k :)
  7. from that confront page it seems that even if the i7 is better, the difference isn't that much...
  8. if that doesn't bother you, go for the i5. Ivy Bridge performs better than Sandy Bridge ones at least for their equivalent. not sure on what percentage though
  9. still don't know what to do :D
  10. haha you're funny :D but for myself, i'd get the i5 and save the money for something else hahaha you won't go wrong in anyway :)
  11. Good rule of thumb... Buy what you really want the first time, or you'll wind up buying it later, and wasting the money you spent the first time...
  12. thanks :) maybe i'll spend the money for an SSD........ :D
  13. An i7 is up to 30% faster with an efficiently 8 threaded program.

    The i5-2500k is NO slouch, and with some overclocking is a wicked CPU.

    Both CPUs perform the same (when clocked the same) in <=4 threaded applications.
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