Upgrading E8400 3.6 ghz


I got some problems with playing BF3, got huge fps drops from 50 - 40 fps to arround 15 - 20 fps.
it doesnt really play that good and i kinda think its my CPU since i already upgrade my GPU from a Geforce 9600 GT to a Sapphire HD7750 1 GB (OC by the makers of the card)
My cpu is arround 95 - 100 % all the time.
This is my current spec

P5Q Mobo 775 LGA Socket
Intel E8400 @ 3.6 ghz (OC from stock 3.0 to 3.6
3 gb ram ddr2
600 wat supply
Ati radeon Sapphire HD 7750 1 GB ddr5

Now is my question, what should i upgrade, i got arround 200 - 250 Euro's
I was thinking of a Intel I3 2100, but i have no idea if its that good with BF3 since thats the only game i play.

Thanks guys :)
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  1. well, if you upgrade you're going to need a cpu, mb, and ram. The i3 isn't erally a gaming chip. The i5 would be better suited. Don't know if you've got enough money.
  2. If you're going to be upgrading your CPU, I would make it worth your while.

    Mobo:$124.99 USD
    CPU: $199.99 USD
    RAM: $48.99 USD

    I think that would run you around $300 Euro - Ivy bridge proc, Ivy bridge compatible mobo and 8 GB of ram.
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