Will this computer run Fallout 3 & Vegas on best graphics?

Starting to plan out my first computer, and my goal is is to run Fallout 3, New Vegas, and the G.E.C.K's on the highest graphics setting on a regular LCD monitor (and some other games maybe, but FO is my main priority). Also, would I be able to to play it on best settings on a 42" 1080p HDTV or would I need a 2 GB GPU for that? Mainly I'm concerned about the graphics card I'm getting: should I get a better one?

Computer parts I'm going to get as of right now:
- Intel i5 2500k
- 8 MB g. skill ripjaws
- EVGA 560 Superclocked (This is my main concern....Should I get the 560 TI Superclocked for $60 more? Should I go lower and get a GTX 550 instead? Or should I go crazy higher GTX 570? I don't want an ATI GPU for this particular build.)
- Intel brand p67 motherboard (Not the Z models since I don't plan to mess around overclocking). I chose Intel since I've read they're very dependable.
- either a regular 320 GB Western Digital or a 128 GB SSD? Price is insanely high for SSD but I heard it's worth it? Would a 128GB SSD be big enough for Windows and the games?

- 520 Watt Seasonic PSU
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  1. The 560 ti will most definatly run Fallout like a dream, 128Gb for an SSD will be able to hold windows and some games but it will fill up fast so you might want to get the ssd now and then throw in a 250gb HDD in the future. the 2500k is a great cpu and it wont bottleneck your graphics. 8gb is the max you will need in a gaming machine anything over that you probably will not see a difference in games. and just saying, ATI is probably the top brand for graphics cards. there is nothing wrong with nvidia it's just that i like ati better for price/performance
  2. Oh and you didn't mention your PSU. That would help
  3. That would probably work. i would tell you exactly how much wattage you will be using but the website for it is down currently
  4. Size of the monitor you are putting an image to doesnt change performace, the resolution does. 1080p is not a top end resolution for PC gaming so a 1 gb card would be plenty.
  5. Im sure any of those cards would be fine, I ran it on ultra high settings on an old 7950GT (1440x900). When I upgraded to 1920x1200 it struggled but then i got a GTX 460 and that's fine for it.
  6. Fallout is buggy even with top end CPU I still get infrequent drops in framerates otherwise always 60fps Vsynch maxed no problem but Bethesda games are never hard to run they are just buggy so they never run perfectly.
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