ZIP, CD, DVD on ATA100

I just got all my parts to build my new Athlon system.
MOBO ASUS A7M266, TB 1.333G, etc. The only real question I have is what to do for my drives.

1 - Plextor 10x12x32x CDRW - IDE
1 - Creative DVD-ROM - IDE
1 - ZIP 250 - IDE
1 - Maxtor DiamonMax 60GB ATA100/7200 - IDE

OK ... how do I make this work? I obviously must put something with the harddive on an 80 conductor cable. I was planning on using a 40 conductor cable for the CD drives since that seems to be pretty standard and 80 for the HD but where do I put the ZIP 250?

I would really like to avoid buying an extra IDE controller.

BTW, thanks to EVERYONE on Tom's. It was a major help in deciding what to buy. I have put together many machines over the years and it is nice to have access to THIS MUCH INFORMATION!
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  1. I would go like this:
    1) HDD, DVD
    2) CDRW, ZIP
    With the first device being master.

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  2. That setup lets you copy disk-disk, but it slows down the dvd-hard drive movement. The question is: Are you ever going to be copying cdrom-cdrom, without making a hard drive image of the disk, first?
  3. I think your reply is better directed towards original poster.

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  4. Thanks everyone for their help. I see your point on the CD->CD copies. I will be doing that so I'm glad to know that. Glad to hear good things about the A7M266.
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