Need Help Deciding on Graphic Card For 3D

To start off here is current specs:

8GB 1600mhz Corsair Dominator
2x250GB HDD Raid 0
HIS 4870 512mb
OCZ 500W ModXStream PSU
22" LCD 1680x1050 resolution

As you can see, I'm due for a new and more powerful graphics card to go with my system. I was so set on simply buying either a 7870 or 7950 when they release in a few weeks, but I really can't decide now.

I recently purchased this TV:

I'm really a big fan of 3D. I hooked my Playstation 3 up to it and I absolutely love it. 3D games are awesome. However, PC is where the true power lies, so I of course wish to play the best PC games in 3D on this TV.

After doing some research, it appears Nvidia supports 3D more so than AMD. With AMD, you must go through 3rd parties for drivers, since very few games natively support AMD's HD3D. For Nvidia, all you need is 3DTV Play, and that's it. No third party drivers, no other modifications, you can just play the game you want in 3D, simply like a PS3 3D game.

Now is that above paragraph really true? That's the feel I got from researching it, but the reality may be different.

So, what I'm asking is this. What is my best option right now for a playing PC games in 3D, AMD or Nvidia? Whatever the solution, it MUST support 3D on my TV(linked above, LG 47LW5300). MUST SUPPORT IT

Other questions to go along with this include:
-I will be limited to 720p resolution if I want 60 frames due to HDMI's limited bandwidth correct? I am fine with this if true.
-How powerful of a card will I need? Keep in mind, my main monitor resolution(will NOT be used in 3D)is 1680x1050. When playing in 3D, resolution will likely be, 720p, but will also play at 1080p non 3D too. The games I play are: World of Warcraft, Crysis 2, and BF3 mainly. Would like to run all at high/ultra settings(realize this might not be possible in 3D or 1080p for BF3). I was thinking a 570/6970 would serve well enough.

I realize that is a lot to read but I really was wondering if anyone can share their experience. Thank you.
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  1. First: you picked out the right TV for transitioning to 3D. You need a 120Hz model for 3D.
    Second: I am not certain that you are limited to HDMI. The specs show a PC imput. If it is a true PC imput, you may be better off using the PC imput.
    Third: you have to do trial & error to see what fps you can achieve.
    Fourth: for the best result you need to buy the best card you can afford. The GTX 460 can do 3D, but you are better off with a GTX 560, and even better with a GTX 570 or 580. If you could do a GTX 590 even better.
    As you are not talking about upgrading your mobo for PCI 3.0 the GTX 600 series is probably not of great interest. The big advantage of the coming standard is double the PCI bandwidth.
  2. I believe the PC input it means is VGA(yuk!).

    After researching on Nvidia forums, it appears I will be limited to 720p, but that's what all PS3 games are at and with PC you can simply turn up the AA so it won't even look that bad.

    I have however heard that Nvidia 3DTV Play looks horrible on certain TV's. For example, the second reply in this thread:

    Should I be concerned? I would use the 14-day 3DTV trial, but I don't even have an Nvidia card, so I want to decide before I spend a few hundred on a card.
  3. check out if you want to do 3d. The 3d monitors are a lot more advanced than a 3d TV and the price shows it. Sorry to say that you also want to choose the monitor technology that is appropriate to the specific vid card as they use different connections and are not cross compatible. BUT the vid card you pick is often based on which games you want to play in 3d!! pretty stupid but right now there are many fewer 3d titles for amd than for nVidia.
  4. It is so irritating how difficult it is to find out what version of HDMI inputs most TV's provide. If it's not at least HDMI 1.4a (1.4 does not work), you cannot use it for an AMD system. I believe Nvidia's version require 1.3a, but you probably will want to look on their website to see if that TV is compatible.

    I'm going to assume, since I can't find out what version of HDMI that TV uses, it will not work for an AMD system. Before you consider going AMD, you must know if it'll work.
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