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Can this on board graphics play mini games?

Im planning to use that motherboard on my torrent rig, but im worried that it wont handle games like, plants vs zombies, or zuma or those crazy mini games with puzzles and stuff (E.G pop-cap games etc) Since my little sister would like to use this computer while it downloads files.

My other specs are...
PROCESSOR: Athlon2 X2 255 3.1GHZ
Memory: Team Elite 1GB DDR3 13333
Hardisk: 320gb Hard Western Digital
PSU: Seasonic 350w 350ES 80PLUS Bronze
Monitor: Led AOC 18.5-inch Led wide E936VW

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  1. I believe that is calculated in cpu. Don't torrent, it is illegal. :non:
  2. It will be fine.
  3. You can look at the specific games for system requirements. If these are mostly in browser games then the only question is the CPU, but honestly, these don't take very much CPU power at all.
  4. well is my CPU good enough?, ok screw the torrent use. I just want my sister to be able to play on the computer without complaining its slow and all or else she's gonna want to use mine haha thats why im getting her this rig and yes i am very cheap.

    so yea, a dual core wont be able to run those games?
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    Any dual core like that will be fine to games like PES 2012. So those will work good.
  6. thanks buddy
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