1gb gt 440 gddr5 vs 512mb hd 5670 ddr5

i need help in buying a graphics card..
is gt 440 1 gb ram ggdr 5 or ati radeon hd 5670 512mb ddr5 better?
thse cards are in ma range.
i have intel i3 procesor
6gb ram
i want to play need for speed run.
i curntly have 9500gt 1 gb ddr2.
da games heavy on it.
though i have lowerd all grphics.
plz hlp
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  1. budget? And resolution. I would get 1gb btw...
  2. The HD5670 blows away the GT440.
  3. what is your max. budget?
    i'd get a 6670 with 1 gb gddr5 or 5670 with 1 gb gddr5 vram.
  4. thanks alot guys..
    my max budget is Rs 8000..
    im living in pakistan
    da cards availble in ds budget are gt440 ddr3, hd5670 512 ram(1gb aint availble) ddr5 , hd 6670 1gb ddr3 , gts 450 1 gb ddr3..
    i dont basicly know of mre cards..
    i chkd dse cards thrugh a web site of a shop in karachi..
    and i dont knw about da resolution..
    i ned 2 play need for speed run on it so il be needng da card accordingly in ds range
    thanks alot agn guys..
  5. i dont know da resolution a game on..
    i gues it was 1280 by smethng..
  6. check the price and availability of the following cards, ask around the shops if you can:
    6670 1 gb gddr5
    5670 1 gb gddr5
    5770/6770 1 gb gddr5
    6750 1 gb gddr5
    gts 450 1 gb gddr5
    gddr5 is important because it's fast enough to handle powerful gpus all the way to the high end. ddr3, gddr3 are slower. imo the 5770/6770 (if your power supply can support it) is the best among the ones listed followed by 6750, gts 450 and 6670.
    for 1280x1024 or 1280x720 the cards above would be fine.
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