No power on either SATA or IDE

I recently had to replace my power supply. After connecting a new power supply, none of my drives worked - I got 1 IDE HD and 2 SATA drives (1 HD, 1 optical).
None of the drives are detected by the BIOS at the moment even though I wired up everything exacly as it was before.
I can't even open the tray of the optical drive, so there is definitely no power on there.
I tried all kinds of combinations of power cables and SATA / IDE connectors, I already even tried 2 different power supplies.
However shouldn't it power up the DVD drive whatsoever normally, even though it's not connected to the SATA or IDE controller, so that you can at least open the tray?

The chance that all 3 drives have been damaged by my old power supply is pretty low, so I guess all bets are on a defective motherboard, right? Still it's worrying me that SATA and IDE are not working ...
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  1. The drives should all turn on with a working psu. Maybe both psus were defective?
  2. very unlikely, that would be having 3 PSUs defective (incl. my old one which worked fine on 12V, only the 3.3V rail was not working sufficiently anymore) ..
    Power levels are fine as my BIOS hardware monitor tells me.
  3. Can you test the drives in another PC? If the optical drive is getting power, then it should at least open/close.
  4. Is the unit a prebuilt? Dell etc?
    how old is it and do you still have the old Psu to hand? will let you identify if the old Psu was wired differently a La Dell,
    The IDE may be dead, given its an older drive anyhow, but all three drives dying at once makes me wonder...
  5. hmm got an old PC here that hasn't got SATA unfortunately and connected the IDE HD - can't hear it spinning.. so all the 3 drives might be broken therefore?
    Gonna take them to a shop tomorrow..
  6. no all custom built - put it together over 4 years ago and ran like a dream, until the 3.3V rail of the power supply (Antec Dark Power 550W) didn't deliver enough voltage anymore, so had to replace the PSU.
    First got an OCZ 550W PSU - that one didn't power up or only powered up for 1 second when all the drives were connected - I trouble shooted it and it didn't power up when the IDE drive was connected, it did power up but didn't recognize the SATA drives.

    Then tried the old PSU again - and it didn't work either, no power on the drives.

    Now got a new Antec 550W PSU - very unlikely that I got 2 defective ones therefore.

    Therefore I probably have to come to the conclusion that the OCZ PSU for some reason somehow damaged all my 3 drives ...
  7. Did the OS detect the drive and prompt you to install software? Did you check the device manager to see if you had any unknown disk drives? Would be nice if you had a molex-sata power adapter to be able to plug in the optical drive and see if you could get power to open/close the drive.
  8. Might sound like a noob question but: did you insert the sata/molex power cords along with the sata/ide data cords? (should be 2 cords coming from each device.)
  9. You might also want to pick up a power supply tester, they only run about $15 USD so you can verify that you are getting power. Or if you have a home volt meter for testing outlets you should be able to test the PSUs with that.

  10. actually - I just connected an old (broken) hard disk and that is definitely powering up, I can hear it very clearly.
    Therefore I have to come to the definite conclusion that the 3 drives have in whatever way mysteriously been put out of order by the OCZ power supply :(
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