Case has built in standoffs?

I recently looked at the Thermaltake V4 case that I had purchased for a build. I installed standoffs and placed in the motherboard, but the I/O pnale didn't match with the back of the motherboard.

I looked it up on Google, finding that the V4 case has built in standoffs. My question is, is it safe to place the motherboard without standoffs? I have never seen a case like this before, and am not comfortable in doing so.

What do you think, will be be fine?
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    If the case is designed to not use stand-offs and you follow the mfrs installation procedures, then don't worry about it. It was engineered to work that way. I'd personally like not having to install stand-offs...big hands and little stand-offs can be frustrating.
  2. I pretty much knew this, but reassurance is nice. Something I may have to get used to:)

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  4. Enjoy it!
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