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Is there anything better than the Cooler Master HAF X?
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  1. Antec 900:
    Antec 1200:

    The 1200 is the same basic design but a little cheaper. The 900 is the same design but smaller and cheaper. Does one really need the extra HD bays on top for a gaming rig? I have the 900 and I love it.

    I think anyone would be happy with the case you mentioned or the ones I mentioned.
  2. I hate that I can't see these cases in person before I make my selection. Have you had any issues at all with the 900?

    EDIT: I also think I would prefer to stick with a full-size tower, just to be on the safe side as far as future expanding and cooling goes. With this being my first ever custom-designed my computer, I want to do as much research on the cases as I can.
  3. Not really. A few issues:

    1. The fans have a 3 speed switch on them, which is nice; however the switches are on the inside of the case. With a little bit off finagling, I snaked them all out without cutting a hole in the case. The top fan was difficult because of the snapping mechanism on the top part.

    2. Placing the inner mount for a fan, in the Lower HD bay, kind of gets in the way of my SATA ports, but they fit. Taking them in or out is a pain, though.

    3. Cable management is OK and I wish it was better. This is my only case and I really have nothing to compare it to, so I don't know if it gets any better. This may be a nice advantage of a bigger case, but at the cost of size and price. This problem is nothing that cant be solved in the smaller case.

    Other than these minor issues, the case runs very cool. The side panel is also easy to take off. Its not a door like the cooler master, but two bolts that can be removed by hand.
  4. I had another post, but it seems like this one gets quicker traffic:

    Asus Z77 Sabertooth; I believe it is fast now, and somewhat future proof (at least for a few years).

    INTEL i5-3570K Quad Core

    Video Card
    EVGA GeForce GTX 670 (will be playing mostly Diablo 3, but also have interest in StarCraft 2, the new SimCity when it releases, watching movies in true HD, and general Office programs and Internet browsing).

    Crucial 8gb (2 X 4gb) 1600MHz; I believe this will be fast enough for what I need, and with the MoBo, have PLENTY of room for upgrading in the future.

    Thermal Compound
    Arctic Cooling MX-4; better safe than sorry? Or, is it necessary?

    Corsair H80 Hydro; if this is closed-loop, there is little maintenance and with general care, very little chance for punctures or defects, right?

    Cooler Master HAF X; why the hell not?! She's a beast!

    SATA Hard Drive
    Crucial 128gb M4 SSD (without transfer); with this machine being built for speed, it really seems like a no-brainer here.

    Storage Device
    Western Digital 500gb Caviar Blue; I may upgrade to a 1TB, just to be more future-proof, but not sure yet. Also, what is the difference between the Caviar Blue, Green, etc.?

    Power Supply
    Cooler Master Silent Pro M 850w; should be enough juice.

    I am pretty set on all of the components, but am not dead-set on the case yet. It seems like the HAF X has gotten some of the best reviews out there. I am not sure if the bad reviews are isolated incidents, or if they are more profound. Also, with this case designed for airflow, how important would a closed-loop liquid cooling system benefit me? Instead of a closed-loop, should I upgrade the CPU cooler?
  5. bw85 said:

    EDIT: I also think I would prefer to stick with a full-size tower, just to be on the safe side as far as future expanding and cooling goes. With this being my first ever custom-designed my computer, I want to do as much research on the cases as I can.

    I understand your concern, But I really don't know why gamers need 5 5.25 inch drive bays on the top. The 900 is plenty big for what I have.

    2 3.5 inch HDs
    2 2.5 inch SSD
    1 DVD player

    I still have extra slots that wont really get in the way of cooling, And I don't ever think I'll need more stuff. The 900 will be fine IMO. Maybe someone with a bigger case can tell you why you need the extra space. Anybody? I'm open to suggestions.
  6. And now, the CM Storm Trooper is looking good, lol.
  7. I sound like a Antec salesman, but check out

    The Storm trooper reminded me of it. It seems like an awesome concept. I'm sure other brands have similar concepts. I have no personal experience with it.
  8. I actually looked into that one, too. Did you see the specs of the computer I'd like to build? I'm not sure if any of that will have any bearing on which case I should ultimately decide on.
  9. long as the CPU cooler fits, it doesn't matter what case you get.

    Some MOBOS may fit better in certain cases, but thats a hard thing to gauge from the net. Placement of SATA ports, where the North/South bridge, RAM can help the airflow of the case. I don't think this is as big of an issue as with mini computers. For example: the SATA cables may be placed in front of a fan of that case. If that bothers you, get a new motherboard or a new case with better placement of fans for that MOBO. Very Minor issues.
  10. Right on, thanks man! I, for whatever reason, cannot seem to pull away from the HAF X. I almost feel "fanboyish" about it, even though every case I have ever owned has had a Dell logo stamped across it.

    I'm really not sure if I would need liquid cooling, or if the fans will be enough. I plan on playing Diablo 3, maybe Starcraft 2, the new SimCity when it comes out, as well as possibly watching movies and general Office programs and net browsing. I can't imagine the computer getting excessively hot if I am not playing games like Battlefield 3 or MW3 on Ultra settings.
  11. Even moreso than the HAF series? I haven't really heard anything of Silverstone, I'm just surprised it hasn't popped up in my research lol

    EDIT: Can it fit Corsair Hydro H80, or is liquid cooling not necessarily needed?
  12. Quote:
    The silverstone i linked, offers the best air cooling possible.

    That case seems cool as hell. I like the concept. Your statement, however, is meaningless without proof. I would be mildly concerned about the HD bay cooling, and about dust from the ground. I am strongly concerned about the GPU getting in the way of airflow. And if you have dual GPUs, the top one may be neglected a little bit. This is where the lateral air flow seems better.

    Only testing will tell...

    EDIT: I see how the GPU sits. Good pics. That seems pretty nice.
  13. Those are sexy, kudos! The case does look very sleek!
  14. I like the concept recon. All huge fans for quiet and massive airflow. Whats the deal with your CPU cooler?
  15. I honestly won't be able to purchase until August/September, but I know there is so much to research now. I am appreciating the feedback!
  16. ATM, I can't really see a problem with that case. Do you have any issues, Recon? Those GPU temps are good, but they aren't much better than my temps. I have a GTX560 clocked about the same and similar voltage. The CPU temps blow mine out of the water, but that is a liquid cooled.
  17. Regardless of which case I get, should I strongly consider liquid/closed-loop cooling?
  18. I would be worried that by adding a bigger, or too many more fans would screw up that pressure, which would lead them to battle each other more than provide airflow.
  19. +1 for the RV02,
    I have the FT02,
    The RV02 is the poor mans FT02 but with the same cooling ability (no dig intended), these cases are quite simply the best air cooled cases around, oh and dust is no issue as all fans are filtered.
  20. Is the Raven really that much better? It still hasn't seemed to come up in many research topics, if any, other than this one. Are there any flaws with it? And charts that show cooling numbers compared to other cases? Will it fit all onthe components I have selected?
  21. The raven is a good case .. The logic behind it is sound ( ie. heat rises ) The problem with some cases is the conflicting airflow created by a gazillion fans mounted in all possible locations .. A strong , uninterrupted airflow front to rear or in the case of the raven bottom to top showed the best results . There was a study done ( That I'm sure someone will post ) breaking down the pro's and cons of all configurations . Also , and I say this from experience , if your not purchasing till august your going to go back and forth on your decision many times .. Read reviews and remember youtube is your friend .. happy hunting :)
  22. Yeah, I think I have narrowed it down among the Cooler Master HAF X, Storm Trooper, and the Silverstone Raven. I suppose I am not too concerned with the vertical MoBo (I know some people prefer things the traditional way), so I can totally understand the the intake is from the bottom and expelled through the top. Which case has more interior room to work around in and offers more space for expanding?
  23. I agree with Rufus. The airflow all in one direction is key in my tests/experience. Front to back in my case and bottom to top in the Raven. One concern I have is the lack of exhaust fans in the Raven. More exhaust fans would make a negative pressure case, the Raven is a positive pressure case. I'm not sure which is better. I read a study, which I cant find ATM, the concluded that exhaust fans were preferable. I'm sure there are studies that show the opposite, but I have not seen them.

    It's a tough decision, I'm glad I don't need a case right now.
  24. Thott for sure someone would post that article .. lol .. anyways .. the prevailing opinion was that positive pressure was better for dust management . A negative pressure rig will draw in dust through any and all gaps in the rig not just through the dust filters at the fan locations . A review for you
  25. Positive pressure being better for dust makes sense. Is it better for cooling? Intuitively, I think that negative pressure would be better. As it sucks air in from the crevices (along with the dust that you talked about, hence why its bad for dust management), there will be a stream of fast moving air into the case, which would be good for cooling. Positive air case creates a stream going out of the crevices of the case.

    My conclusion would be:

    negative pressure = more dusty case & slight gains in cooling
    positive pressure = much less dust & slight loss in cooling

    This is speculation, but that article I still cant find was analyzing cooling alone. They got better cooling with more exhaust fans. They did not study the dust intake. Since neither of us can find the articles we talk about, what did they say about cooling, Rufus?
  26. The temp differences were negligable but yah your reasoning is sound .
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