Which is better?

VGA Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Super Over Clock Core 900MHz Memory GDDR5 1GB 2xDVI miniHDMI --->it costs 162 Euro


VGA MSI N560GTX-M2D1GD5 GeForce GTX 560 Core 810MHz Memory GDDR5 4000MHz 1GB 2xDVI miniHDMI --->it costs 152 Euro

its only a 10dollar differenze but i'm not too expert with the graphic cards.
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  1. The are esentially the same card: both GTX 560s. The difference is the the
    gigabyte is factory OC'd and the MSI is a reference card. You can OC the MSI yourself with MSI Afterburner software. Unless there are other features that you want the better buy is the MSI. OC it yourself.
  2. gigabyte has more clock core so get this one.
  3. i didn't know graphic cards could be overclocked,does it mean all of them can? or does it have something specific written in the version to do so?
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