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I really want to find a best case under $100, but I can't really decide which one would be best...

First of all, I'm not really planning to add more fans in the case, but I think ventilation is much more important than noise; I somewhat don't care if it is loud...

I have selected several cases to consider, but please feel free to recommend other cases that are good.

1. CM Haf 922 ($109.99) - This went up price since I looked last time, but I'm not buying the case immediately, so I can wait a little for a sale. (I just need to build my computer before I go back to the college, which is about 2~3 months later...)

2. CM Storm Enforcer ($79.99)

3. CM 690 II ($89.99)

4. Zalman Z11 Plus ($64.99)

5. Lian Li Lancool K63 ($109.99) - This is because I can get around $25 off with the combo deal.

6. Corsair 500R ($119.99) - This also has a combo deal with a mobo of my choice that gives me $30 discount. It's the white model, but I prefer black to go with my monitor, keyboard, etc. But the black one seems to be about $20 more expensive atm.

These are some cases I'm considering right now, and I know I have included several cases over $100, but that's only because they come with a combo deal. If it's lower than $100 with the combo discount, I'm fine with it.

My other parts include:
Intel Core i5-3570k
ASRock Z77 Extreme4 (or a Z77 motherboard close to the price of that one)
16GB (4x4GB) RAM (Brand doesn't really matter)
Radeon HD 6870 (Brand doesn't matter here as well, but prefer sapphire or XFX)
650W Modular PSU (As long as it's at least Bronze Certified I'm good...)
128GB Samsung SSD
2TB Seagate HDD (SSD and HDD comes in a bundle with the sale in newegg, so really no choice)

If there are good combo deal that can bring the down the price of the case, I'm good, but $100 is my absolute maximum atm. Lower the price is the better.

Please help me make the best choice!
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    I have recently built into the 500R and the K63. Both are excellent and IMHO look terrific. The Corsair, like all the other Corsairs, is the absolute easiest to build case you will ever see. The K63 is almost as good in that respect and the cooling is as good or better plus the fans are way quieter. I don't know why Corsair doesn't pay more attention to their fans.
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