$8K traveling workstation/gamestation - some exp - help

Approximate Purchase Date: has to be done by March 30/2011

Budget Range: $8,000 CAD max

System Usage from Most to Least Important: traveling Desktop used primarily for work (autoCAD, Solidworks, Rendering, MASSIVE 3D model presentations), will be using it as a personal computer after hours (crysis 2, BF3, Eve online, Ect) may watch a movie at some point.

Parts Not Required: Case (mill-spec mobile rack mount plenty of room) already have it think a little bigger than a full tower plenty of room for long Video cards and a larger than normal ATX Mboard. LCD screen, mouse, Keyboard. Just keep it to stuff going in the case. going to put in two BRburners, 4-6 HDs thinking raid 1 for reliably (correct me if I'm Wrong).

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Canada/US based places for easy shipping

Country: Canada

Parts Preferences: I prefer using an Intel processor (never had compatibly issue with them, twice with AMD), want to stick with using Nvidia video cards. I'm confident using EVGA, OCZ and Corsair products (good history with them) but I'm willing to try something new.

Overclocking: No, absolutely not I may have to use this in Hot desert environment eventually this must work (almost) anywhere without a lot of tweaking. going to have fans galore in the case but still no overclock.

SLI or Crossfire: Yes / Maybe - always wanted to try it out and now I will have a case and the money to try it.

Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024 min 1680x1050 current (going to be using 3x 19' monitors)

Additional Comments: this Computer is being subsidized by my employer they know I'm going to be traveling and be the onsite draftsman/presenter/keep the Client happy person. so this has to be a computer than will be highly durable and low failure rate. it has to be able to render with ease, it also has to be able to work on primary AutoCAD and Solidworks and occasionally work with physics simulator software. yes I know Cloud software can fix that problem but relying on an internet connection in some of these places is operational suicide.

since I may not get back home for sometime they also agree I can use it as my personal computer (after 3 years they give it to me completely), so I also want to be able to play games and movies as well. I have experience putting together computers for some time but I have never overclocked one and as for software programing I'm no expert, I would rate my self as above average.

not sure where to begin on this setup. Multi-core I7 and SLI connected video cards sounded like a place I wanted to go. was thinking of using EVGA classified Motherboard loaded with ram but I only just started reading about X79 chip set. also I noticed some people at work use Geforce cards instead of quatro FX not sure which set would do better for what i want. someone suggested using a EVGA Classified SR-2 dual socket Mboard but I think that may cause problems. need guidance.
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  1. not sure if serious or trying to live vicariously through the forums :non:
  2. I'm not sure if the type of computer you are requesting exists. Maybe try a Falcon Northwest Fragbox: http://www.falcon-nw.com/desktops/fragbox
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