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I was just going to wait and build a ivy bridge, but since i hear the release date has been pushed back to June i figured i'd just build a sandy now and replace with and ivy later, so I'm looking for a good motherboard for a sandy/ivy bridge build. I want to spend some where around 150-200$ or maybe more depending on if i can get a far superior one for a little more. Any help would be much appreciated.

I'm also lookin for a decent case. I was think , but if anyone knows of a better one let me know. I like full towers. Thank you for your time. ;)
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    Though I don't buy into the advertising that MSI is "The World's First Z68 Motherboard with Ivy Bridge and full PCI Express 3.0 bandwidth"...I can say I am very satisfied with the Miltary Class II componets (Essentially MSI's answer to Sabertooth), The Instant OC feature, The USB 3.0 and PCI Express 3.0 availability...also very good 5 year warranty. At least from my standpoint, for the price and features there are not too many features I would add...though I know that the Z77 will have a Thunderbolt port...I also am suspecting that the delay is more for completely built retail models.
    Intel simply wants to sell what they can of the sandybridge...;title
    Anywho....I'm in the same boat, I have most of my other components and am waiting for the Z77 and Ivy Bridge....
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