My motherbord dont have a graphic card sloth but i want graph card

i buy an p5kpl-am motherboard but it doesn't have graphic card sloth.
what should i do.
please help
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  1. What do you mean that it doesn't have a graphic card slot? Do you mena that it has no PCI slot?
  2. Yes it does, 1 PCI-E slot x16. Generally, any modern video card will fit in.
  3. If you bought a motherboard with integrated graphics and no pci express x16 slot, you cannot install an ordinary graphics card in it.
    There are still graphics cards with an ordinary pci or pciexpress x1 interface, but they are either very very old or very special (matrox makes them) - either way not for gaming.
  4. This is you're motherboard. The slot for the graphics card is blue. It is right beside the two white slots.

    If you're card will not fit, that could be because its an older AGP card.
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