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FX 4100 VS i5 750 benchmarks

I am looking for benchmarks for the 2 CPUs, I like to upgrade my system to a i5 2500K or i might just get the i5 3750K for 189.00 its 20 bucks more then the i5 2500K @ micro center.

I bought a GTX 670 giving my kids my GTX 560 and selling my HD 5850

So i am trying to figur out if, my true 4 core would be a better gaming CPU then there FX 4100 " 4 " core really only a 2 core < but thats all the money they hade to get...... Still for a 970A- UD3 and a FX 4100 for 163 was not bad deal.

Any help would be grate Thanks.
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  1. Better, yes. Do you need it? Not really. I'd get a 4170 minimum, Intel is of course slightly faster but you don't exactly *need* it if you want to spend less @ 1080p. You can't upgrade that i5 750 straight up, you need a new mobo too.
  2. What ? I have the i5 750 and the FX 4100 in 2 systems already!!! looking for hard banchmarks to see what one i keep and the other sell.
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  4. So i take it my i5 750 wins, and i leave it OCed at 3.2 should get 2 3 more years out of it.

    Save to stay ?

  5. Check this one against faster AMD FX-8150 vs. i5 750

    Still a winner.
  6. Also, check this one, it beats your CPU, just to see the difference.

    Intel Core i7 3770K - 3.5GHz - 1MB L2 - 8MB L3


    Intel Core i5 750 - 2.66GHz - 1MB L2 - 8MB L3
  7. nikorr said:

    Tips for future reference, DO NOT USE PASSMARK.

    They take the average of ALL of the processors benchmarked, regardless of CPU SPEED.

    This is why you see some BS results, like an FX-6200 outperforming 1st gen i7's.
  8. I know, it is just a reference how it was doing with all the CPU's.

    I think that reference to FX-8150 was clear demo of success.

    But yes, only PASSMARK is would not be the best reference.
  9. I take it that the i5 750 is better then the FX 4100

    What would you guys do for a gaming PC ?

    I have a GTX 560 HD 5850 and a GTX 670

    I was thinking about getting a i5 3750 for 189 at mirco center to pair up with the GTX 670 or i could use my i5 750 with the GTX 670 and put the GTX 560 in the FX 4100 build and not upgrade to a i5 3750 ATM

    Just not sure if the higher CPU would make the GTX 670 shine more ( Would i be held back by by i5 750 with a GTX 670 ) ?

  10. Also what about PCI E 2.0 vs 3.0 ?

    *** i need to do my homework :) on this stuff :)

    I guess i can set my CPU back to stock and se if i lose FPS ( to test )
  11. I would upgrade to i5 3750 for $189

    But the i5 750 would be still good.
  12. PCI E 2.0 vs 3.0 u wouldn't see any difference.

    Its just more future proof.
  13. nikorr said:
    I would upgrade to i5 3750 for $189

    But the i5 750 would be still good.

    I was thinking give the Kids the i5 750 GTX 560 / getting me the i5 3750 GTX 670 ( and selling the FX 4100 HD 5850 ) < nod ?
  14. Why not : ) Its a great deal for all of you.
  15. nikorr said:
    Why not : ) Its a great deal for all of you.

    yup :) thanks i just needed someone to agree with my thinking :)

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  17. Good luck!
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