Psu 700w (but not verygood) need card recommendation

Hello, Im on a very low budget but I need a new graphics card. I know my power supply is not very good, but cannot afford to upgrade. Need recommendation on the best graphics card that would work with my supply:

The PSU I have is a Winpower ATX 700L. I have had a look at the labelling on the PSU itself and it says the following:

+5v 35A MAX

+3.3v 35A MAX

+12V1 15A MAX

+12V2 19A MAX

-12V 0.3A MAX

+5V/SB 2.0 MAX

Cheers Waz420
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  1. tell us what you're willing to spend and also tell us what the rest of your system specs are. (CPU/RAM/motherboard) etc...
  2. Hi, my mother board is Asus P5N-E SLI, with 4G ram, processor is quad core 2.4 Ghz. Im looking to buy a second hand card off ebay for about 80 pounds.

    Thanks waz420
  3. Second hand GTX460 - Boom headshot.

    Such wonderful wonderful cards - Best revision of the 4 series - so good infact Nvidia used them to make the 560ti - a worthy and even more awesome sucessor.
  4. I would agree, the GTX 460 1GB model would be a great fit unless you have the $$$ to buy a GTX 560Ti. Your power supply should be able to handle either...
  5. Asus ATI 6770 or Asus Nvidia 550ti i think these are close to price and they also the u some peace in mind that they have not been overclocked to the edge if life. If u can push Asus 560ti is a sick card tho. What ever u choose good luck in finding ur new card.
  6. That Winpower PSU "might" handle a GTX460, but I wouldn't attach anything more demanding to it; a HD6770 would be safer. I think that might be from the same OEM Apevia uses, and their PSUs are junk.
  7. Thanks for the answers guys I have done hours of research and from what ive found out jtt283 answer confirms it, the psu is junk. Thanks for the help N have a good Xmas!!!
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