Triple crossfire possible on ASUS M4A79 Deluxe (AMD 790FX Chipset)?

I have been thinking about an upgrade to my video cards. I am currently running a pair of HD 4890's in a crossfire configuration. I have not found any compelling card that would be a cost effective upgrade at this moment, but....what about....... another 4890? Would 3 of these cards be a more cost effective purchase, and would it give me a noticible improvement in my games. I play SWTOR currently, as well as Empire Total War, World in Conflict, and probably, The Secret World when it launches.

I found a couple of refurbished cards in the $125 range. That I can afford, but my question is.....can my ASUS M4A79 Deluxe (AMD 790FX Chipset) motherboard handle this? WHat concerns should I have?
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  1. If this is your board, then yes. The specs say that it can handle three cards in 16x/8x/8x configuration.

    A better question is can your PSU handle a third 4890.
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