Buying Working Used Intel Core i5-2500 3.3 GHz 6 MB

Well today was my birthday and I have been given £80 from my Mother, and I was looking to upgrade my i3 CPU to an i5 - 2500k CPU

If anybody is selling a used or New whichever as long as it works perfectly please post here I am looking to buy an i5 - 2500k for £80
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  1. Happy Birthday! :)

    You can use google & search from ebay if you wish to buy used items. However, I highly doubt if will sell a good i5-2500K for £80.

    But in any case, an i3 is good processor (what is the number by the way? i3-2100?). You may be able to put that £80 to better use by buying a graphics card instead specially if you are just using integrated graphics card. So, what is your current graphics card?
  2. Sapphire Radeon 6780
  3. In that case, you are good. And if your processor is already an i3, it should play good games.

    Why do you aspire to upgrade your processor, do you feel any kind of poor performance or lagging in games?
  4. PcGamerStudios said:
    Sapphire Radeon 6780

  5. Teflon said:

    Yes sorry Radeon 6870

    and I'm building my own PC at a fixed budget I only have £100 and I'm trying to find an i5 2500k used or new :o
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