Can my Pc Take a Graphics Card?

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I was wondering if my PC could take a Grpahics card because i hate the intergrated Graphics card. If it can take a graphics card which one?
Here is my specs of my Computer
Which Graphics Card CAN IT TAKE!!! PLEASE HELP
Proccesor: Intel Pentium 4 @3.00GHz
Ram: 2GB Memory
PSU: 160W

Expansion Bus

Bus type

PCI 2.2
SATA 1.0a
USB 2.0
PCI Express 1.0a

Bus speed

PCI: 33 MHz
SATA: 1.5 Gbps
USB: 480 Mbps
PCI Express x1: 5 Gbps
PCI Express x16: 80 Gbps

Small Form-Factor computer

low-profile cards supported
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  1. PSU: 160W

    no it can't
  2. You can use a cheap slow video card, but nothing very good for games. You can get a very good boost over the onboard video though, but don't expect miracles here especially with a P4.

    This Radeon 4350 may run OK in the system with that power supply, but it's a bit touchy.

    If you want to not risk it not working, a geforce 210 is a very very low power card although not very fast
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