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Why is my computer so laggy now (video lag/spike)

Last response: in Systems
February 18, 2012 11:05:25 PM

I do not know why since friday-februray-17-2012 my computer has been laggy. first when i try to watch youtube in hd (normaly it work fine and everything) but it just has lag spikes but its fine now (saturday-fedruray-18-2012) but when i try to play any games tf2, red nation, or nfs it laggs still. I tried puting the settings down even tho my computer could handle the settings before the problem and then i try updating everything to the lastest drivers and still nothing happened.

comp: HP a6502f

and also i upgaded it with a

Cooler Master Elite Series Power Supply 460 Watts


PNY GeForce GT 430

evn tho it is a low end rig. it ran every game i listed maxed out on 1680x1050 with all the setting to max. (games: tf2, nation red, or nfs)

also i am running windows vista 64bit

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February 19, 2012 12:39:58 AM

Did you do a sweep to check for any older versions? What GPU did you have before the GT 430?
February 19, 2012 12:36:35 PM

striker410 said:
Did you do a sweep to check for any older versions? What GPU did you have before the GT 430?

the sweep does not work it says: Attention - Guru3D Driver Sweeper has been discontinued as such you will not find any download links here any longer. and before i had a gt 210
May 7, 2012 9:38:50 PM

i also have a similar problem where my internet works and it's my computer that has such a high ping while i can still watch youtube videos and such. i haven't installed anything new since about Christmas and i started having problems about 2-3 months ago.
May 9, 2012 12:48:49 AM

1. Check for virus and malware. Microsoft security essentials is free, google it.
2. Check for thermal throttling. REALTEMP does a nice gob, google it
3. Run some benchmarks and get objective data. For example, did you windows experience numbers change? Goggle 'download PC benchmarks' then reseach any before you download. You are looking for signs that your PC is slower than similar PCs.
4. Launch 'RESOURCE MONITOR'. It's build into win7. type 'resource' in the seach box from the start menu. Once launched keep it in the background. Now wait for a 'lag spike'

--on lag spike---
IS the hard disk drive light flashing?
IS you network dapater light flashing more than usual?
Use the windows key to get to resource monitor
- on the memory tab are you seeing hard faults?
- on the disk tab are you seeing service times above 20 ms? (above 10 with an SSD?)
- what do you see on the CPU tab (some games run at 100% so this is hard to interpret) If CPU high, What processes are using the most CPU? Google them.

There are many error recovery actions that look like the PC freezing for a few seconds. For example, some SATA disk controller timeouts. Some network glitches. EXplore event viewer, see if something happened during the lag Open Event Viewer by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, clicking Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Event Viewer.‌