CPU fan failure problem

Let me start by saying that im new to pc building community. I just completed my first build and everything has been running better than I ever expected.

Im running into one small problem though..I am receiving a CPU fan failure upon boot up sometimes. The fan is still running but at a lower RPM. The majority of the time it starts just fine but this is happening once every few days. When I reset it starts normally and the fan runs at a normal RPM. Because im new to building im curious if this is a common problem or if its something that I need to pay more attention too.


Intel i7 3770 Ivy Bridge
Asus Z77 Sabertooth MB
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus cooler

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  1. Once in a while? I actually wouldn't have a clue, but it could just be that the fans aren't spinning up as fast as it boots. I know my V6GT sometimes got that because the fans just spun up a little slow, normally when it was a cooler day too.
  2. Yeah it has only happened a few times..once every few days..the computer is new so Ive been doing alot of restarts after installing drivers and other things. It only seems to happen on my first boot of the day though.
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    If CPU fan is running normally, the problem might be the motherboard. Call the motherboard company and tell them about this error you are receiving.
  4. Asus motherboards are notorius for not being able to report fan speed below a certain RPM. Both of my crosshairs and a few intel boards i've built have caused a false positive on the fan error. You can disable "pause on fan error". It'll still show the error but just keep booting.

    You can also adjust the fan speed curve in the BIOS to make the fan spin faster at cooler temps, but you increase noise.

    Nothing to be worried about.
  5. Yeah when I get the fan error the CPU fan is running at like 600 RPM's and when it boots normal it is running at like 1700 RPM's. I think it might have been booting up to fast for the fan.
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