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I have an AMD Athlon x3 and my Vcore is around 1.46. I read some posts online that it can be lowered down to around 1.3 which also lowers the temp for around 10C. My Mobo is Asus M5A88V-EVO, I'm afraid to make change because as the moment, i ran Prime 95 and so far it is stable for 3 1/2 hours. Any suggestions guys? thanks!
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  1. well, lower it... if your pc crashes, then change it back :P... no harm done
  2. problem is i don't know how to do it in the BIOS. you think 1.3 is ok?
  3. go to the overclocking menu, scroll down to the voltage menu and change it from offset to manual, and put it at 1.36 (VCore)
  4. do i have to change anything aside from the voltage core or that's it? will it make harm to my system? thanks!!!
  5. yeah, only change the core voltage, and no, the worse that could happen is a blue screen
  6. is that the core voltage in the BIOS? can you give me a reasonable Vcore to start with? thanks!
  7. go down 0.1V at a time from your stock voltage until it becomes unstable
  8. lowering down the Vcore will also lower you temp right? so from 1.46 i can go 1.36v? thanks!
  9. it can, and i cant guarantee that it will work, not every chip is made equal
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