Killer NIC worth it?

Ive been reading mixed reviews on the bigfoot gaming KILLER NIC networking card. Can anyone in here help, as review sites may have motives for reviewing something the way they do. I play FPS games and WoW and heard the card can be a HUGE improvement for MMOs and even see results in other games. system in question is as follows

I 920 OCed to 3.4gigs
12Gb DDR3 1600
ATI 5970
Gigabyte Motherboard/ network on mobo
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  1. Well As far as I can remember there is also a visiontek Killer Nic card I would check out the reviews from VisionTek or Bigfoot's website! As for me if I'm gaming I would probably spend the extra money on those cards for gaming if I was competing in tournaments online from Home! They are suppossed to ahve the lowest latency ping which is important for first person shooters and games like starcraft where you want the lowest ping possible! Also depends on the server you log into and their internet connection! They are generally supposed to be the fastest I owuld go by their website!Or ask other gamers who compete professionally! Hope this answer helps
  2. Your best NICs are going to be Intel Pro NICs. Probably cheaper to.
  3. If your looking for Mainboards Asus Rampage III Thunderbolt (sounds like Intel's new hypertransport) comes bundled with a NPU/SPU on 1 PCI-E expansion slot which is pretty cool! Whether you love or hate killer nic it now comes bundled free from Asus!
  4. O wow thanks for the heads. I will be building a new computer and want a asus rampage motherboard.
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