DVD ROM fails to boot Windows setup on new build

I just built my new PC today, and this is my first build. I powered on the PC and everything powered up fine and BIOS posted. Now I'm trying to install Windows 7 onto my new hard drive, but the windows CD will not seem to boot. I keep getting the message "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key." I have already set BIOS to boot from DVD drive, and have reconnected and tried different SATA cables in different slots. Its as if the DVD drive isn't even trying to read the DVD. I've also tried another DVD drive in case that one was faulty, but same issue. Windows Vista wont boot either. I'm out of options, and really frustrated that I cant enjoy my new build. Any suggestions or tips on what else to check for? Thanks in advance

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  1. Are the DVDs originals or copies?
  2. Is it an upgrade or full version?
  3. The DVD's are original. Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit upgrade, and
    Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit retail.
  4. Did plug a power cable into the DVD drive, as well as the sata cable? Does the DVD drive show up in the bios?
  5. It's plugged in correctly. I can open the disc tray and see the status light. The drive does show up in the bios. I have it set to boot priority 1. I feel like the drive isn't attempting to spin or read.
  6. Don't ask me why, but after trying every last power cable/sata combination, one of the power cables decided to work and provide the drive the power it needed to properly boot the disc. Lesson learned... I think.
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