Alright so I went ahead and got the HD6850 from Gigabyte...

heres the Problem: @Stock OC (come 825/1050) the card is crashing in highly intensive 3d situations (Futuremark and HL2 on max)

As I turn up (850/1050) the Core Clock HL2 crashes on Menu loading and Futuremark crashes even sooner.

Of course now...

As i turn it down (700/1050) The card runs better but I can still get it to crash.

Now I am running an old version of XP with the latest Drivers from AMD.

Also when i say crash i mean it Errors out and says "The Video Device as lost communication with the Driver. The device has been rebooted" This is from Catalyst.

Im thinking bad card but can you guy confirm for me? and How common of a problem is this with radeons because they seem to be having about a 25% fail rate to me. Your thoughts on that.

Thanks Guy.
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  1. Probably a bad card. Power Supply OK for this card?
  2. Yes, check to make sure your power supply is at least 550W from a reputable brand like Seasonic, Antec, or Corsair.

    Also, are you sure the "latest drivers from AMD" are compatible with XP?
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