Dell Inspiron 6400 won't recognize WinXP install disc

Hi all and thanks ahead of time for any responses or help you could offer.

I am currently trying to reinstall Windows XP (Home or Professional) on a friends laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400), and cannot get the laptop to acknowledge that the installation disc is present in the disc drive. It is a cd, not dvd. The problem is only related to the windows xp installation disc. I have tried several different backup copies and new copies that I have acquired over the years, and all of them lead to the same situation. If I insert a Windows Vista/Win7 disk it will read the disc just fine and will proceed to install. I would just install either of the newer os, however my friend prefers xp and will not take it otherwise. It is not a problem with the hard drive itself, a new drive was bought because it was originally thought that this could be a possibility. The disk has been formatted more than once ahead of time to assure that it was ready to go, however to no avail. I've never encountered this situation before and was hoping someone else had and could offer some advice on the situation.

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  1. Hello robwlinder;

    What service pack is that WinXP install disk? If it's not SP2 or later that could be your problem.
    Before SP2 you'd need to load SATA drivers to get XP to understand how to handle SATA HDDs.
  2. I will try this out and report back as to whether or not it worked. Thanks for the help again.

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