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Hi there everybody, I recently tried getting a power supply for my new computer case, the apollo nzxt ( ) but was unsuccessful because it was too big and none of the screws were able to fit in. So I was hoping someone in the community would be able to recommend a good PSU for this case that is over 500W.
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  1. It would help if we knew what power supply didnt work, so as not to suggest the same one. It looks like any standard psu should work
  2. thank you for the speedy reply, not sure if this will help but this was too large for the case so hopefully you could recommend one smaller than that. or maybe that one was just larger than the standard psu
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    What power supply did you try to get? It takes most normal PS/2 form factor PSUs(often referred to as ATX but thats the electrical spec, PS/2 is the physical), the case has plenty of space to permit a long PSU like an HX1000 so the only problems i see that you might have run into is that you might have gotten one of the large CPX form factor ones that are antec specific, or one of the weird form factor PSUs for low profile machines.

    If you just need a good PSU to fit in there, the Seasonic M12II 520 W should be able to handle any single GPU system. It is also currently a bit cheaper than the non modular S12II 520

    Edit: typed wayyyyy too slow, that PSU looks like it should fit in your case, did you try flipping it over so the fan points into the case? That should lead to all the screw holes lining up.
  4. oh ***, let me try that now, derp
  5. ......thank you so much
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