XFX Core Edition PRO vs SeaSonic M12II

Hey everyone!
Alright, I've narrowed down my choice of psu to 2 options and I don't know which one is the better choice.
Please help!




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  1. Well, the Seasonic has the better review record. Otherwise, I'd just say go with what is less expensive.
  2. Anyone else wanna chip in an opinion?
  3. AFAIK, both the units you mentioned are manufactured by SeaSonic.
    You'll be happy with either of them. :)
  4. both are made by seasonic.but i would suggest going with TX650 V2-
    it is also a seasonic unit,costs less then both but still provides higher power that both of them.
  5. Both are Seasonic OEM.

    However, I would pick the TX650V2, it's cheaper and outputs a bit more!
  6. They both use the same design, the XFX Pro 550W is based on the S12II Bronze 520, while the Seasonic M12II Bronze 620 is just a modular, higher powered version of that.

    However for those recommending the Corsair, then I raise you the XFX Pro 650W, which uses the same design as the Corsair but is cheaper and has four PCIe connectors:
    XFX Pro 650W Core Edition $70 ($15 rebate)
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