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ok, heres my build. This will be the first one I've done myself so I'm kind of new to this stuff. It's use will be for gaming with 2 monitors the first one, and the one the game will be on, is a 24" at 1920x1200 and the second is a 20" at 1600x900 which i use to watch movies or netflix while i play. yes it's lazy, but really fun. I would love to go Eyefinity in the future as well as maybe xfire which is why i picked the psu i did, wasnt sure if the CORSAIR TX850 would be enough to power 2 HD7970s. I also plan to add a 500gb hdd for misc stuff, the ssd is a boot and game drive.

any thoughts on this would be helpful, but if you do please try to explain why since its still kind of new to me.
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  1. TX850w is enough for 7970 xfire(go with it).change the stock fans of H100.they are crappy.other things are good.have fun.
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