Adding a second video card on G31M-ES2L motherboard


I have a G31M-ES2L with Quad 8400 CPU @ 2.66 GHz and Nvidia GeForce 9600gt, 512 MB. Power supply - 400W.

Is there any chance for adding a second video card on this motherboard? And making them work together for some performance boost in gaming? I was told buying a better video card won't do due to limitations imposed by motherboard (and that current setup does not use full power of 9600's)
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  1. That's a small form motherboard, only has one PCI-E slot, so no you can't use 2 video cards working together. You can add a second video card, but that's only for more monitor support.

    For your power supply and CPU, something like a Radeon 6670 or a 6770 will work well, as long as the power supply is a good brand. If it's a cheap one, stick with the 6670. Either of those cards is around a $100 give or take, and both will be quite a bit faster than your 9600gt.
  2. Thanks for quality reply, hang-the-9

    PSU is a cheap one.

    PassMark benchmarks: Radeon 6770 - 1,749; 6670 - 1,238; 9600gt - 970

    Although I was told, that this motherboard only supports ver. 1.1. PCI express, and this limits the GPU performance. This is why GPU upgrade won't work??
  3. I was told "buying a better video card won't do due to limitations imposed by motherboard"

    that is bollucks, get the appropriate psu and you can run a 6990 if you wanted

    hang-the-9 has the right idea

    edit: a 16x pci-e 1.1 slot can provide 8GB/s of bandwidth, a pci-e 2.0 4x port wich has a bandwidth of 4GB/s ran a 5870 with only minor performance loss
  4. The only issue you may run into with using a 1.1 rev PCIe is that some 2.1 pcie cards won't work with it.

    With a cheaper 400 watt power supply, you may not want to get a 6770 although it's a much better card. There is a 40 watt difference between a 6670 and a 6770 which is a large enough difference to cause issues. If you can find some extra cash to upgrade the PSU, your CPU is good enough to make use of a 6770.
  5. Much clearer now. Cheers for the answers.
  6. Top quality answers! :D
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