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$90 adaptor just to use eyefinity on HD6970? Cmon

I'm researching what I need to setup 3 or 4 monitors on a XFX HD 6970. I plan to use a projector in hdmi and two additional 23" monitors (flight sim). I believe that you must use at least one of the mini display ports to enable more than two monitors in eyefinity. Since I don't think any monitors come with mini display ports, it appears that AMD has conned everyone into needing this 90$ adaptor.



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I would appreciate anyone's input on the best method I could use to setup eyefinity on the 6970.
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    I know you don't need a dual dvi link adapter to use a mini display port adapter, you can find cheaper adapters that will work, I personally don't know which ones specifically nor intend to do the research for you.

    Your right no monitor I know of comes with mini display port, but there are many monitors with display port. Found here.

    And a 6 Foot mini display port to display port cord can be had for $17.
  2. hmmm I see that if I get the Gigabyte card then it replaces the two mini display ports with one standard display port. Could I then use a display port to hdmi and plug into the monitor?



    There was an issue with active vs passive display port adaptors for eyefinity. Does that only apply to DP-dvi adaptors?
  3. So it seems that I must get an active adapter or just use display port itself.
  4. I don't know what my problem is. This is all I need:
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