What is the different between i7 3770 vs 3770s ?

what is the different between i7 3770 vs 3770s ? And which one should i go with....... Thanks
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  1. The i7 3770s is energy efficient & has a lower clock speed than the regular 3770.
    Which one you should get?
    i7 3770k. The k version has an unlocked multiplier which allows you to overclock your CPU. Even if you don't plan on overclocking now, it would be a good option considering overclocking in the future.
  2. the difference is
    i7 3770s
    3.1ghz turboboost 3.9ghz
    (EOA) yes
    max TDP 65w


    i7 3770
    3.4ghz turboboost 3.9ghz
    (EOA) yes
    max TDP 77w
  3. I'm a bit late but there really is no difference except for when your computer isn't doing much the 3770S runs at a lower clock peed, 3100MHz, vs the 3700 which runs at 3400MHz. the MAX power usage for the S is 65W vs 77W. i would get the 3770K because you can overclock it but beware if you are going to do so it does get very hot and you will absolutely need a aftermarket cooler. but between the 3700 and the 3770S, get the S. both have the same integrated graphics, they both have the same max frequency, just one uses less power and that usually means less heat and they are the same price on get the S.
  4. One other difference is that the "S" version (as well as the plain 3770) support VPro, VT-x, and VT-d. The "K" version does not support these.
  5. ^^^

    Those are basically data security feature that are useful in a corporate environment, but not really useful at all to the home user. One feature is quicker and more secure connection to your PC when the IT department needs to take control of your PC to either diagnose a problem or to install software remotely. Another is protecting sensitive information in the L1 cache from being hacked. Useful in the corporate financial world and in the military, but of no use to most home users.
  6. Unless you are trying to squeeze power consumption down to as little as possible, it is not really worth it for the average user to get the i7-3770s in order to save a few watts.
  7. jaguarskx, I disagree. VT-i, VT-x, and VT-d are virtualization technologies built into certain chipsets (non-"K" chips) that allows direct access to the hardware from guest operating systems. While they do provide some of the bonuses (security for guest virtual machines, for example) their net benefit is to greatly improve virtual machine execution.

    This page comes up first when searching for this question, so this information is of benefit to more than just the "average" or "home" user.
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