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Hi Guys

I am On my first build, and am stuck about my PSU, the minimum requirement for my build is 500w, I need the cheapest PSU that wont break my computer, the CPU is an FX 4100 AMD 3.6ghz and the GPU is an XFX RADEON 6750 1GB, please tell me the cheapest psu that will work, in pounds, so no newegg please
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  1. Antec VP 450P

    Edit: Corsair 430W V2 CX Series is a good choice too. :)
  2. there a little expensive, any cheaper ones?
  3. What price did you have in mind?
  4. 15-25 if its possible, I just want one that wont harm the other components, im running really low on my budget
  5. also on my GPU it says 500w minimum
  6. That Antec VP 450P bartholomew is 30
    That's about the lowest I see in 400-500W range that's also a reasonable quality.
  7. The Antec 450w will be sufficient.
    Try & get that extra 5 quids, its totally worth it.
    Here's a review:
  8. An HD 6750 requires a 450W PSU with at least 26A on the 12V rails and one 75W 6-pin PCIe power connector. Total power rating (watts) on the PSU is not the most important factor in selecting the PSU, total amperage available on the 12V rail is more important.

    The Antec VP350 with 28 A on the 12V rail and one 75W 6-pin PCIe power connector is sufficient for your build. at 25.62 which is slightly less than at ebuyer:
  9. Thanks all, sorry I was not on for a while, had exams, i think i am going to go for the Antec VP 450P, thanks for all the options though
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