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Hi, guys. I've just gotten an MSI GTX 570 to replace my dual Radeon 5670s and I understand that I need to uninstall the ATI/AMD drivers before installing the Nvidia ones. Being a computer tech virgin, I watched the guides on AMD's website and they indicate I should use the ATI Catalyst Install Manager found in Programs and Features and run the express uninstall option. Simple, right? I certainly thought so, and so, filled as I was with newfound confidence that I knew what to do, I opened the Control Panel and went to Programs and Features.

It was then that my hopes of a simple process were dashed. The only thing related to AMD/ATI is ATI Catalyst Control Center which went I tried to uninstall it does not give me the express uninstall option. So, my question is how would I go about uninstalling the ATI drivers? Would going through Device Manager and manually uninstalling the drivers for both cards and then uninstalling the CCC be good enough or is there another method I should use?
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  1. In most cases that is enough.
  2. In most cases that is enough.
  3. Just uninstall the drivers from Uninstall or change a program, assuming you are using Windows 7, click my computer, then Uninstall or change a program and select the AMD drivers, CCC etc for your graphics card. You can even download a program called Driver Sweeper which is free to remove all traces.
    Install your 570 and download the latest driver from Nvidia, during instalation , click the checkbox that says clean install. After its done, reboot and you will be up and running.
    Then open the Nvidia control panel and adjust the setting for the 570 to your liking.
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