Should I buy this server? 2 x Xeon 3.6


I have been offered a 1U rackmount server.
It has 2 x Intel Xeon 3.6Ghz CPU's
2Gb RAM (with 8Dimm Slots upgradable to 16GB)

Is this a good base machine as far as servers are concerned?
I am wanting to upgrade the memory anyway to somewhere around 8GB.
I'm just a bit unsure if the single core Xeon processors will be lacking a bit?

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  1. You've got to ask yourself a couple of questions

    What will you use it for? It looks to me like a P4 Xeon which aren't very powerful these days. It should be powerful enough as an email/file server but I have my doubts on anything more.
    Where will you house it? 1U stuff is notoriously loud because of the 40mm fans running full tilt all the time.
    You've also got to remember that these machines do not take the cheap and chearful memory that desktops do, these take Registered ECC ram as a bare minimum which can be expensize, even in the 2nd hand market.
  2. Well, I am hoping to get a server and upgrade it enough to host some personal websites on it by co-locating it. SO noise isn't really a problem.
  3. Is that a 'for free' offer? I hope so.

    What kind of 'server' are you doing? Web server?
  4. This stuff is ancient, how much would it cost you?
  5. Low volume low traffic web-serving isn't that intensive.
    The hardware should handle that OK.
  6. Its £50 GBP for the server plus a bit of postage.
    Not too sure on it now.

    Its sole use would be web hosting with MySQL Databases and Apache/PHP.
  7. So some type of CMS database driven websites?
    Any extensions for media serving and stuff like that?

    Still should be adequate.
  8. All of my sites that I will host are custom built CMS's and bespoke website systems made by myself such as gaming tournements, tutorial websites etc, No media serving.
  9. Servers like you're looking at were doing that same workload successfully years ago.
    They should be able to keep on doing it now.
  10. I've seen some DL585 G2's on e-bay for £200, although there aren't any drives - but 4xdual core 2.8GHz, 8GB ram is enough for what your after. Easily upgradeable to 4xquad core for another £80ish.
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