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I built a brand new computer about a month ago. Every time I leave it on for more than three hours, without anyone touching it, it goes into a black screen and a flashing white line in the upper left corner. This is bothering me since I download video which takes about 6 hours to download, all the data is lost if I leave the computer alone.

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, these are my specs(Drivers are updated):

Corsair 8gb 1333Mhz Ram (4x2)
Gigabyte GA-P67A-D3-B3
Intel Core i7 2600
Sparkle GTX 570 OC Version

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  1. Sounds like a power management problem.

    What is your PSU, and does it happen if you boot into safe mode?
  2. My PSU is a 600w Silverstone, but it seems the problem was fixed once I disabled the computer going to sleeping mode automatically. Is it safe if I keep it that way?
  3. It will cost you money in power bills at the very least.

    Power problems are not something you generally want to be having if you can avoid it, in any event.

    How long has the PSU been used? What case are you using? How many fans are in it and which way are they oriented?
  4. The PSU is as old as the computer, about a month old. The case I'm using is a Silverstone Precision Black, with one fan in the front, blowing into the case, and another one at the back blowing outwards.
  5. I guess just go ahead and use it like it is. Hopefully it goes down gently when/if it does, though.
  6. Ok, thank you. Maybe it is an issue with the OS, I got it from a friend.
  7. My wife recently had a similar power problem on her computer, even though I know her PSU is very conservative for for build.

    Maybe there is a problem in the way the devices shut themselves down that they don't want to wake up again if they don't shut down properly or something.

    All I know is that new PSUs usually fix such problems, but it doesn't always fix it completely.

    Messing with the power management settings can help mask the problem, but it isn't a real fix.
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