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I want to upgrade my video card but a lot has changed in computer hardware since I put my computer together and I would like a bit of help. My biggest concern is that my motherboard has a pci express x16 slot and many of the newer video cards are 2.0 x16. I'm also concerned about my CPU causing bottlenecking.

I have not yet selected a new video card and I want to make sure that I pick out the right one. This is my current setup:

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L
Video Card: XFX 8800GT, 512M
Processor: INTEL core 2 duo, E6750, 2.66G
Memory: 2 1 gigabyte, 240 pin DDR2 SDRAM
power supply: corsair 550W

Can anyone offer me some suggestions on what would be a good upgrade to go with this? I'd be using it mostly for gaming and a bit of 3d modeling with autodesk software.

Will I need to upgrade my CPU as well?
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  1. gtx 460

    gts 450

    gxs 550
  2. you might want to upgrade your CPU , but it only upgrade to Intel Core 2 Quad at best,

    and they are dated, but still perform very well
  3. You can find yourself some used Core 2 Quads on ebay, I upgraded my E8500 to a QX9650 and it was worth the purchase especially for 3D rendering etc. You can then upgrade your graphics to a 560ti or 6950 and also add more Ram to get some more life out of the system and for it to perform really well.
  4. even if this is an XP machine you should get 2 2gig sticks of ram/ or populate all four slots with the same ram you have now. even a lesser quad core would also help which makes me think of saving your pennies until you can do an over haul. should have mentioned monitor/res. for suggestion of vid card but need to know amperage on PS. looks like spending money on a useless endeavor.
  5. Thanks for the help, I think i'm actually going to do an overhaul. Someone mentioned the AMD bulldozer in a duplicate thread to this and I was wondering if it is worth it at all since I also do 3d modeling.
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