Q8400 vs i5-2500k @ 3.7Ghz for gaming

Hello. I was considering upgrading my Q8400 and motherboard to get an i5-2500k for gaming. I play a ton of games, everything from World of warcraft, diablo 3, GTA, battlefield 3, etc. I run most games on full and can't seem to do that with with battlefield 3. I tend to play BF3 on Mid/high settings and I get great FPS but every once and a while it stutters and I am hoping upgrading my processor would greatly improve my gaming preformance.

My question for you guys today is, Will I notice a considerable difference in gameplay / FPS if I upgrade my card to the i5? I don't want to spend 300 dollars (including motherboard upgrade) and get something that will help me out okay. I am looking for a game changer so to speak.

I am also worried that my 4gb of ram at 1333 will bottleneck some game considering my processor and video card.

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  1. So what is at 3.7GHz? Could it be your GPU holding you back? I5 2500K would be a nice upgrade along with 8GB ram and new motherboard which would be necessary but you will have to spend more than $300!
  2. Don't you think it would be helpful to mention what video card your using?

    If it's a 9600GT, I'd say that's your problem.


    Nobody could possibly answer your question with the limited info you have given.
  3. Exactly, what GPU are you using? How much and what kind of ram?
  4. yeah the 2500k will improve bf3 multiplayer pretty drastically.
  5. Going form the Intel® Core™ 2 Quad to a 1st generation Intel Core processor would yeild a performance improvement of around 15% to 20%. Going from 1st generation Intel Core processor to a 2nd generation Intel Core processor would yeild around 10% to 15% improvement. This is all at the same speed of all the processors in question. The about 500MHz speed difference at base clock speed and a great deal more with Turbo Boost. Now if you are doing something like gaming you may not see this big of an impact but you will still some a big improvement.
  6. The cpu won't matter if he's using a 9600GT, he's still going to be gpu limited.
  7. He has a GTX 560 Ti. It's listed under his configuration.
  8. I had an old Q8400 @ 3.2ghz with GTS250. Upgraded to 2500k with a GTX570 last year and whoah performance boost is way off chart.... Just kidding. But definitely it was a great upgrade. Of course considering today there are Ivy bridge out there that are more powerful that you might want to consider.
  9. To get an Ivy Bridge cpu that really tramples the 2500K he'd spend most of his budget on the CPU alone.
  10. cliffro said:
    He has a GTX 560 Ti. It's listed under his configuration.

    Wow, he added that pretty quick.
  11. cliffro said:
    To get an Ivy Bridge cpu that really tramples the 2500K he'd spend most of his budget on the CPU alone.

    $20 more for 100mhz more stock clock speed and faster clock for clock and more efficient, how is that most of his budget? Not really.
  12. I said "really tramples". The 3750K is ~10% faster,runs hotter and overclocks less. He'd need the 3770K to really outclass the 2500K.

    And it's kinda scary too Temp/Volt/CPU speed wise as seen in this image from Anand
    That was using a similar cooler to mine. Intel's AIO Watercooler. My 2500K has never seen more than 65c(IBT 5 pass @ 4.7Ghz 1.3v)

    There is no tangible benefit he would see in games by getting the 3750K. And the money saved could be spent on a better motherboard or an aftermarket cooler.
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