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Asus GTX 570 DCUII monitor setup help

So i have an ASUS GTX 570 and was wondering if i could use two vga monitors at once with it, and before you ask why i used to have a DVI monitor but it died. So anyways i plugged in one of the monitors using the adapter that came with it and wondered if there was a method i could use to plug in the second like another sort of adapter. Also link
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  1. That video card has a display port and with that you can connect multiple monitors , if you do a Google search for display port you will come up with various ways to connect the monitors.
  2. Oh really, i never used display port so had no idea it could do that, thanks. Just to be clear i could run both monitors off one port?
  3. My original thought was to just use a second dvi to vga adapter but i remember reading somewhere that i couldn't with this card.
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    There is a splitter of some sort that you can get for the display port and run the two monitors , but I'm thinking that you can connect the display port to one monitor and the DVI port to the other. I have not done multiple monitors but from what I have read it seems like it is something you can do. Further looking for tutorials can give you some info on how to do the connections.
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