Cann a cosair cx500 handle a hd5850?

can a cosair cx500 handle an amd hd5850 card?

my pc specs are:
intel core 2 quad q8400
2x2GB DDR3
1x320GB + 1X160GB SATA

here is a psu i want to buy

my gfx card

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    A system with a single HD 5850 requires a 500W PSU with at least 32A on the 12V rail and two 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors. At full load, this system will consume around 350W.

    The Corsair CX500 has 34A on the 12V rails and two 6+2pin PCIe power connectors and is sufficient to power your system. If you plan on OCing the CPU/GPU then I would recommend a PSU with more stout 12V rail(s); something with 40A+ on the 12V rails like the Seasonic M12II-520, Antec HCG 520, or the XFX Core 550W.
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  3. one question though, what is better single 12V rail or multiple 12V rail? the xfx core 550q has single 12v rail with 44Amps while seasonic m12II-520 has double 12V rail totaling 40Amps
  4. There is a lot of debate back and forth, but it doesn't really matter for the average user. I have a Seasonic M12II-520 running an HD 6950 with absolutely no issues; the XFX 550W is made by Seasonic and is also a great little PSU. Bottom line...get either one and be happy with a great PSU.
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