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I'd like to know which laptop is better for gaming/graphics! Thanks :bounce:

Toshiba L755D-S5218


Dell I17RN-3530DBK
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  1. Toshiba... but not by much.

    The integrated HD 6520G in the Llano A6 3420M is a little more powerful than the Intel HD 3000 graphics core. However, the CPU core of the A6 3420M is nowhere near as powerful has the Core i7-2630QM. Most games are not CPU bound so playing most games should be better with the A6 3420M.

    In terms of overall GPU performance, the Intel HD 3000 is basically the same as a desktop Radeon HD 5450. The HD 6520G is slightly more powerful than the desktop Radeon HD 5550.

    In terms of CPU power, if both A6 3520M and Core i7-2630QM were clocked at the same speed, the Core i7 would have roughly 25% more performance.
  2. The Dell also has a higher resolution screen than the Toshiba. That and a lower performing graphics core means poorer performance.
  3. I would suggest for a gaming laptop, don't look at spending less than $1500... ASUS make some awesome laptops.
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